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Same thing in Russian - KOI8 - Русская версия этой страницы

The information in this directory is Copyright 1994 Vasgen Kchachaturian. All rights are reserved.

The documents were converted to html format and made available on the Internet by Gregory Trubetskoy and The IspolCom .


The files included here cannot be distributed without prior permission from the author. Please contact Gregory Trubetskoy for such permission prior to mirroring or copying this information to other distribution media.

What is this?

The files included here are a fine effort to make learning English easy for Russian speakers. These files are not (to my knowledge) yet available anywhere in the world.

Each file represents a lesson. The higher the number - the more complex is the lesson. It is recomended you read one lesson at a time. It is up to you to choose to use other material such as dictionaries or paper - none is required. Just read it and enjoy. The encoding is KOI8. If you do not have KOI8, check out the Russification Page

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